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Sydney's 2011 Kpop Music Fest! Fan Report


Okay! I went to the Sydney 2011 Kpop Music Fest yesterday. I'm not much of a Kpop fan (well fanatic kpop fan, I like some of it lol); I know the names of members from uhh DBSK, SNSD, KARA and random members from the other 9 groups that came, so I apologise for all the vagueness XD

ANYWAY MOVING ON. It was AMAZING *_* First time concert experience and I was bown away, even from my silver seating which wasn't great but I could see everything from where I was so it's okay XD
Apologising now for the general crappy shots because we were far away and my camera(s) suck XD And my one with the slightly better zoom died right before DBSK performed LOL

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