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[Lyrics] Matsushita Yuya - Honesty

I loved this song that I even translated it. It's by ear so it might not be 100% correct. No kanji either, sorry.
I only recently stumbled upon this guy. He's kind of like a Japanese Se7en and he's not Johnny's! *gasp* Although I still don't understand why they are dancing in a church for the PV, nor do I understand why there is a DJ there. Enjoy!
P.S. I'm back to Ya Ya Yah subbing for now.

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[Video] Tegoshi's Radio show ft. Massu + A billion other things + non JE

No I'm not back permanently. I'll be going back on hiatus (Trial exams only two weeks away T___T) Now this will be long...I hope the stuff here pleases everyone. I'm so, SO, sorry that I can't upload mirrors m(_ _)m

What: Tegoshi Yuya's What a Wonderful Music ft. Massu as the guest (Tego's radio show from 2005)
Who: Tegomasu
When: 15 August 2005
Size: 21.9MB (original audio from hontou 's epic Tegomasu pimp post)
Length: 24:14 minutes
Highlights: Hah this is my token of appreciation for Tegomasu's success. Tegoshi does ***** to an unsuspecting Massu! They play a quiz which completely spoofs Who Want to be a Millionaire? (Or Quiz Millionaire as it's known in Japan). Massu comes in at about 6 mins in. AND THEY SING ANNIVERSARY LIVE IN THE STUDIO (The only song I did karaoke for). *dies* This is my first and probably last radio show that I'll do. I had so many problems! I've cut out the ads and this section near the beginning where nothing happens.


What: Massu and Shoon's AiQ skit lost 9th episode featuring Honey's Mama - Ya Ya Yah clip
Who: Massu (NEWS), Yamashita Shoon, Midorinu (that women who pops up in Ya Ya Yah episodes)
When: 2004.09.19
Someone please tell me what show it came from...
Thanks everyone~
Size: 12.4MB
Length: 4:08 minutes
Highlights: I didn't know there was a 9th episode. Honey's Mama decides to pay the happy couple a visit and proceeds to complain about Shoon. Someone...please stop that woman from molesting Massu!


What: Waratte Iitomo clip from a drama special featuring Shige
Who: Shige (NEWS), Nakai and Inagaki Goro (SMAP), Tamori, cast of Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru
When: 2006
Size: 6.62MB
Length: 4:08 minutes
Highlights: From one of those drama specials where they play game. It's Shige's turn to display his archery skills and he gets some 'inspirational' words from his senior.


What: Hey!x3 with WaT + 36 degrees performance + Personality test (NON-JE CLIP)
Who: WaT, Downtown, Tamura Hiroshi (author), glimpses of SEAMO, Gospellors and Tenjouchiki//CLIFF EDGE
When: 27 October 2008
Size: 329MB
Length: 25:16 minutes
Highlights: This mainly focuses on Teppei's role in the movie "Homeless Middle Schooler", but many funny things happen. Poor Wentz doesn't feel appreciated, and Teppei gets an earful from Tamura Hiroshi. I've also left the personality test in there (hey, this guy looks like Akanishi Jin!). It was really hard to listen to Tamura, so I'm really sorry if there are mistakes >.< And only afterwards when I did some research that I realised that Haruna Ai is transsexual (I had no idea!) Yeah, I did this because emiq always complains about the lack of subbed WaT appearances and another friend made this banner to celebrate...

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What: Music Station BIG BANG with GARA GARA GO!! performance
Who: BIG BANG, the host girl, Yoshioka Yoshie (From Ikimono Gakari)
When: 17 July 2009
Size: 47.5MB (Poor quality, mp4 files don't convert well to avi...)
Length: 6:07 minutes
Highlights: BIG BANG being the popular Korean boy group having their first appearance on MS. I watched the entire thing on KeyHoleTV. Tamori was AWOL in that show, so they decided to get the guests to interview each other, thus Yoshioka Yoshie from Ikimono Gakari interviewing BIG BANG. Poor G-Dragon didn't know how to reply but lucky for him Taeyang did it for him. Performance was very colourful and upbeat^^


And this is the stuff they wrote after the show, screencaped from the official MS website

The blue writing says "Music Station was really fun".
The stereo drawinf was done by G-Dragon

What: Aragaki Yui's Make My Day performance only karaoke subbed
Who: Aragaki Yui (actress)
When: 18 July 2008
Size: 38.7MB
Length: 2:13 minutes
Highlights: Nothing really it was just the performance. She's cute and she was playing the tambourine for some of it. I don't know, the video was on my hard drive and I wanted to try out different karaoke effects. By the way Hey! Say! JUMP was on the same show for I believe YOUR SEED.


Oh my god, that was a lot. Yeah I'll be returning sometime near the end of August or later hopefully with another Ya Ya Yah episode (Their collaboration with comedy duo Itsumo Koko Kara) and ORANGE RANGE on Hey!x3 with the Ikenai Taiyou performance. Thanks for being so patient everyone. Before I go, I recently finished Atashinchi no Danshi but when I first watched it I thought something looked familiar...
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[Video] Shige on Waratte Iitomo, Tegomass Kiss~Kaeri promo + Bonus Music Station clips

In celebration of my birthday (yesterday, 4th of June), I have a MASSIVELY long post full of something for everyone (I think). I even changed my banner^^ Anyway, I have 4 video clips!

What: Shige's Appearance on Waratte Iitomo
Who: Kato Shigeaki (NEWS), Tamori etc.
When: 29 April 2009
Size: 35.6MB
Length: 3:32 minutes
Highlights: I wonder why nobody has subbed this yet...anyway, Shige was on to promote his stage play "SEMINAR". He takes part in the Golden week games, and tries to successfully dodge a question from Tamori about the nature of the play! This clip only contains the parts with Shige in it, so it's a bit fragmented, but I've tried my best to explain everything. Also, I accidently put in "Lillies" instead of "Tulips". Sorry about that.


What: Tegomass Kiss ~Kaeri Michi no Love Song~ Promo (I have no idea what show this was...I found it on youtube)
Who: Tegomass
When: May? 2007 (Again I found it on youtube)
Size: 2.64MB (crappy quality but watchable, ripped from youtube)
Length: 1:01minutes
Highlights: I don't think I've ever seen this. You get to find out when the boys had their first kiss, Massu gets some revenge on Tegoshi, Tegoshi is very hyper (then again he always is) and there is fanservice~ Nice ♥ I guess this is for them having a new single, album and concert on the way.



What: Green Day on Music Station with KNOW YOUR ENEMY performance
Who: Green Day, the hosts, glimpes of Arashi, Shiina Ringo, SPEED, Hirai Ken etc.
When: 29 May 2009
Size: 77.7MB (Quality is kind of bad, I couldn't find a better raw, so I ripped it off youtube before they deleted it)
Length: 9:57minutes
Highlights: IT'S GREEN DAY ON JAPANESE TV! LOL, it was quite amusing, although all MS did was give them an intro VTR and ask them a couple of questions. They (mostly Tres Cool) attempted some Japanese and Tres Cool actually wrote some on his hand! And a lucky fan managed to make his way onto the stage. No karaoke as the English lyrics are already on screen. The stuff that Green Day said in Japanese is in GREEN and the stuff in speech/ quotation marks is what the translator said. The Black Eyed Peas are on tonight, and if I find the clip for that I'll do it.


By the way this is the message they wrote after the show (screencapped from the MS website, as it changed as new guests come on)

Tres Cool wrote "Did you cut your hair?" He said this to Tamori during the show!

What: SID on Music Station with Uso performance + karaoke
Who: SID (Visual kei band), hosts, glimpe of NEWS behind the hosts
When: 1 May 2009
Size: 105MB (Huge resolution, LQ when I had to convert the video so I could hard sub it T_T)
Length: 5:12 minutes
Highlights: I did this because I like SID and they performed the current ending song for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Not much, this is really for the performance. The vocalist Mao's father shares the same birthday as Koyama from NEWS, they get an intro VTR as they were the YOUNG GUNS for the night and is it just me or is Mao wearing purple contact lenses? I highly do recommend this if you are not familiar with the Visual Kei genre, it's good rock.

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Now for other stuff, hopefully you'll get a laugh or two, or simply pass the time with these, after the cut.
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