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NEWS Group Hug♥

Happy Birthday Ryo-chan!

I do apologise to Nishikido Ryo, this is awfully half assed as I need to furiously study for Legal Studies after this. But I really do love him to bits.

It's the 3rd of November here so...:
♫ お誕生日おめでとう!!
[♠] 錦戸亮 [♠]

Dude, 25 years old. Lived for a quater of a century now~ I hope he continues to be as wonderful, spectacular
and sexy
for many years to come in both NEWS and Kanjani8.

You don't know how tempted I am to watch the Diamond DVD T_T But I haven't touched it. All the stuff I've downloaded so far is in a folder named "CANNOT TOUCH" in Japanese so I have to abide. I'm also very annoyed that I've reached the download limit on Megaupload so I'll have to wait for another hour until I can resume downloading...I think I've got 7 parts left? Either way, I'll be crashing your place imalda on the 7th with popcorn and lollipops. Looking forward to that!

*going back to focusing on Crime and waiting for annoucement of probable interest rate rises*

NEWS Group Hug♥

Profile #5 Nishikido Ryo

Look! I have a new userpic! Yay~! Now it's Ryo-chan's turn, dedicated to emiq , because he's one of her favourites. I'm sorry that the amount of trivia is shorter than the other members, but when I think up more I'll add it in. Umm... I plan to post up the Wink Up! NEWS Q10 page translation some time later tonight, but I have a sinking feeling someone got there way before me. Hit the jump to continue.

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