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Update+Birthday Post

First things first, it's the 1st of May here, and that means it's Koyama's birthday! YAY! Hopefully Massu didn't forget to send him a birthday text this time. And NEWS is on Music Station again tonight. Therefore:


小山 慶一郎
Happy Birthday to Koyama Keiichiro!
25 years old on the 1 May 2009

Also, I hope to post both Ya Ya Yah subbed video and 4-koma batch tonight, not now because I'm not ready yet...And I'm not quite sure if my interenet downloads have returned, then sadly I cannot upload until next week T_T.
I am currently taking both lyrics requests for NEWS or Tegomass songs.

NEWS Group Hug♥

Profile #3 Koyama Keiichiro

I'm back again with Kei-chan. I've added a couple of other trivia to Shige and Massu's profiles, I failed to remember them (What kind of fangirl am I?!) Also I'm thinking of putting up a post on the analysis of the 'weeeek' PV.

On another note, after reading so many fan reports about the NEWS Winter Diamond Party Concert, I'm really desparate for it to come out on DVD soon! Ah~~~ I want something NEWS related.
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