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Random pictures and birthday post

It's HSJ Yamada's birthday today, and also it's floralshorts 's birthday. Happy birthday!

山田 涼介

Happy Birthday to Yamada Ryosuke!
16 years old on 9 May 2009

He's one of my favourites in HSJ.

I sort of went through some old photos on my phone (Sony Ericsson W910i, 2MP camera) and I thought I should share some random photos from that:
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Updates and random ramblings

My apologies, I have nothing to offer today *gets stoned*. It's just me rambling.

Due to overwhelming popularity, friend and I will probably continue to make them, but don't expect any soon. We need material to work with.

Ya Ya Yah
That will probably be released late next week. But I have a bit of research to do first.

NEWS info
Still counting down the days until the single goes on sale. I'm listening to one of the B-sides "Labyrinth" right now. I think I will offer something today, actually ^^. NEWS should be appearing on Hey!x3 soon and Music Station next week (Also appearing is Gackt, a conincidence as friends and I requested him as a joke XD)

General Life
I'm getting new glasses frames! My eye sight didn't increase as much as I thought...good! But it's still pretty bad...

Birthday Post
I failed to remember HSJ's Arioka's birthday...gah.
有岡 大貴
Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki
18 years old on 15 April 2009

Now all of Hey! Say! BEST can perform at Countdown this year.
Anyways, sorry for wasting your time, now I have lyrics to (roughly) translate.

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Life+Birthday post (sort of)

I'm back with the second post of the day/night (depending on what time of day you are reading this, as it's night time here).
Err...the school dance on Wednesday was fun, Walkthon on Friday was a success (we sold all 100 rolls of sushi!). There's only 4 more school days until the two weeks of holidays. Excellent~

Now fandom related, I've heard the full version of "Koi no ABO" plus the PV preview. I like it! It's has the same impact as "weeeek" did. Totally different, it's disco this time. AND THERE ARE GIRLS IN THE PV?! First KAT-TUN, now NEWS.
I find it so funny that Massu is flirting with girls, Shige is pimping three ladies, Tegoshi admires himself in the mirror instead of the girl next to him and Yamapi has no girls! Gasp! Just bubblegum to pop. I can't wait for the full PV and single release~ it's looks like they actually spent money this time. Unlike "Happy Birthday", unbelievably cheap, but I still like the song and the PV to some extent.

Moving on, it was Okamoto Keito's birthday on the 1st of April (lol, April Fool's Day), and Morimoto Ryutaro's birthday is on the 6th of April. (Both from Hey!Say! JUMP)

岡本 圭人

Happy Birthday Okamoto Keito!
He's 16 years old now



Happy Birthday Morimoto Ryutaro!
He's 14 years old now (But still a long way from performing at Johnny's Countdown T_T)

I did have icons, but they are on my external desktop hard drive and I'm on my laptop, so I can't be bothered to get them.  Bye!

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It's someone's birthday...

Yes, yes, this is going to be the first time I mention Hey!Say! JUMP on my lj (but it won't be the last), but it's Takaki Yuya's birthday today:

高木 雄也

Happy Birthday Takaki Yuya!
He's 19 years old now.

Have some badly made icons. I'm not putting them under an lj-cut because there's only 3 of them. I personally like the first one.


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