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Updates and random ramblings

My apologies, I have nothing to offer today *gets stoned*. It's just me rambling.

Due to overwhelming popularity, friend and I will probably continue to make them, but don't expect any soon. We need material to work with.

Ya Ya Yah
That will probably be released late next week. But I have a bit of research to do first.

NEWS info
Still counting down the days until the single goes on sale. I'm listening to one of the B-sides "Labyrinth" right now. I think I will offer something today, actually ^^. NEWS should be appearing on Hey!x3 soon and Music Station next week (Also appearing is Gackt, a conincidence as friends and I requested him as a joke XD)

General Life
I'm getting new glasses frames! My eye sight didn't increase as much as I thought...good! But it's still pretty bad...

Birthday Post
I failed to remember HSJ's Arioka's birthday...gah.
有岡 大貴
Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki
18 years old on 15 April 2009

Now all of Hey! Say! BEST can perform at Countdown this year.
Anyways, sorry for wasting your time, now I have lyrics to (roughly) translate.

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A new toy to play with

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their support for my Ya Ya Yah subs. I really appreciate it and I'm currently in the midst of translating another episode! But it's a secret~

Now getting on to something else, I was so excited about uploading my video that I completely forgot about this. Whoops.
Anyway, I bought a laptop (I'm using it right now) Hit the jump for more:
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NEWS "Koi no ABO" single update

I got bored of studying and subbing so I decided to check out CDJapan for info about the 11th NEWS single "Koi no ABO" (according to newshfan it refers to blood types). To my surprise and delight both editions come with great extras!

- Regular Edition
- Limited Edition w/DVD

AHH~~! Kya~! The extras! The extras people!! It's the Live Version of 'Share' in the regular edition and A FREAKING DVD WITH SOME OF THE CONCERT FOOTAGE ON THE 31 DECEMBER 2008 (Just hours before Countdown) in the Limited edition. Talk about compensation when (and it will be) the Winter Diamond Party Concert DVD will be released and they don't add enough extras. Also the B-side track titles sound good. I can't keep still.
It's being released on the 29 April 2009 *Ota-chan goes and marks it on her calendar*

But, the KAT-TUN 4th album is also being released on the 29 of April. It's currently untitled but there will be more than 15 tracks apparently.

I feel happy~ and giddy inside. Now I must go back to Business and Economics.

Oh yeah! I searched around news_jpop and somebody posted Mezamashi? TV with Matsuyama Kenichi in "Nakushita Kioku', and there's like 3 seconds of Tegoshi. HE'S A GEEK! WITH GLASSES! What's his name? Mirai! Lol. Bye!

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!!!! A new single!!!+An update on my life

Could it be? A new NEWS single will be coming our way soon? I hope so.

The Proof?

I feel happy. Well, this puts the other rumour to rest about the single being called 'Toki no Kakera -dreams-'. Now hopefully Tegomass will release 'Kataomoi no Chisana Koi' then I'll be filled with bliss. ^^

In other news, I have my Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics exams squished into two days next week. Then I'm free! For now that is. But at least I can try to look forward to the school dance.

I'm still currently translating that Ya Ya Yah 29 Feb 2004 episode, I've basically done the first segment.
Also I've been asked by ivonnemcgruder to try and do the 23 November 2003 episode too (Show 49, also called the Paren-Child Quiz). I'll most likely do it, but don't expect it anytime soon.

I told emiq that if she downloaded WaT on Hey!x3, then I'd sub it, so I guess that's something else on my 'to do' list
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Profile #5 Nishikido Ryo

Look! I have a new userpic! Yay~! Now it's Ryo-chan's turn, dedicated to emiq , because he's one of her favourites. I'm sorry that the amount of trivia is shorter than the other members, but when I think up more I'll add it in. Umm... I plan to post up the Wink Up! NEWS Q10 page translation some time later tonight, but I have a sinking feeling someone got there way before me. Hit the jump to continue.

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Profile #3 Koyama Keiichiro

I'm back again with Kei-chan. I've added a couple of other trivia to Shige and Massu's profiles, I failed to remember them (What kind of fangirl am I?!) Also I'm thinking of putting up a post on the analysis of the 'weeeek' PV.

On another note, after reading so many fan reports about the NEWS Winter Diamond Party Concert, I'm really desparate for it to come out on DVD soon! Ah~~~ I want something NEWS related.
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