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NEWS Group Hug♥

Horie Yui on Hey!x3 and Extra mini clip

Now let's get this straight. I've never had any formal education in Japanese. I've just learnt a lot from a deep dedication to the language and culture + hundreds of hours spent on dramas, anime and music. A big, BIG thanks goes to emiq for uploading for me.</span></em>

Well I hope you do enjoy it:
What: Hey!x3
Who: Downtown, Horie Yui (voice actor)
When: 14 May 2007
Size: 68MB
Length: 4:48 mins
Why I subbed it: Hey!x3 must always be subbed, and it's rare to see a seiyuu on Hey!x3 (I think to other two I know about was Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana) and you get to see Downtown act like fanboys.


- That split second before the cut to RANK IN was Tegomass's performance of I believe Kiss~Kaeri Michi no Love Song~
- The no# 4 guy on RANK IN I really didn't catch his name, sorry about that.
- I've never watch the anime that Horie Yui does the opening for, so the lyrics translation is a bit rough.


NEWS Valentine's Love confession on The Shounen Club.


Size: 3.62MB
Length: 59 seconds

I have no idea when this was, but I'm guessing somewhere between 2005-06, because Kusano is still around.
I really do apologise for the extremely low quality video, I ripped it off youtube.
Although I have this sinking feeling that somebody must have uploaded it yonks ago.

I also did the Christmas version as well, so let me know if I should upload that too.

Enjoy and comments are most appreciated.