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[Video] 6 March 2009 Music Station Opening Segment subbed

I've finally finished it. Had my English exams yesterday, I'm so glad it's over. But I have Ext. 1 Maths tomorrow. T_T

Here's the opening segment of Music Station (a continuation? Rather prequel) to the video I posted a couple of days ago.

What: Music Station - Opening segment
Who: Tohoshinki [DBSK], BoA, Arashi, Shimasaki Kou, the hosts (one is Tamori), glimpses of AKB48, GLAY, ROCK 'A' TRENCH.
When: 6 March 2009
Size: 99MB (Lucky, if it were over 100mb, I would have had to split it)
Length: 3:55mins
Why I subbed it: It's something else for me to procrastinate do. There's nice interaction with Arashi, BoA and DBSK. And the ad for their new album is at the beginning.


- Sakurai's movie is the live-action of Yatterman, and the song is 'Believe'.
- The B-side to 'Believe' is 'Kumori Nochi, Kaisei' which is under Ohno's character name in his drama 'Uta no Onii-san'.
- Shimasaki Kou is Souma Mitsuko in the controversial film Battle Royale, starring Fujiwara Tatsuya (well known as Yagami Light in Death Note). Apparently she was also in One Missed Call.
- BoA and DBSK are both under the SM Entertainment label in Korea. In Japan, they're under Avex Trax (DBSK is in the subsidiary company RhythmZone)

Comments are welcome. Now I shall go back to studying. Enjoy!

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Ya ya yah 29 February 2004 episode (full episode + karaoke) <---After my exams ok?

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[Performance] Tohoshinki on Music Station+Happy Birthday to...

Ahh, just came back from my maths exam. And since tomorrow is English (I need to tweak up my speech), I'm going to take this opportunity to say...
~_~_~_~_~_~_~HAPPY BIRTHDAY kk_me !!~_~_~_~_~_~_~</span>

I'm so sorry that I don't have anything Kame related to post BUT! I will post this. kk_me can grab it off the server.

What: Music Station - Performance of 'Survivor'
Who: Tohoshinki [DBSK] (first official appearance) and the hosts who's names escape me (but I find them boring anyway)
When: 6 March 2009
Size: 81MB
Length: 2:13mins (so sorry that the file size is big, but worth it)
Why I subbed it: It's about time Music Station let the boys on. After 26 singles released in Japan...They've been on with Koda Kumi before with 'Last Angel' but that was as a 'featured' guest. I love the song as well, and it's also karaoke subbed (My first time, and I finally figured it out how to do it)


Sorry that I don't have the capacity to upload mirrors nor do I have the time.

I have the Opening segment with the talking so I'll post that when the time comes.

Comments are most welcome, but don't flame me. As I've said before, I've never had any formal education in Japanese. I've just learnt a lot from a deep dedication to the language and culture + hundreds of hours spent on dramas, anime and music. Bye!