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[Video] 6 March 2009 Music Station Opening Segment subbed

I've finally finished it. Had my English exams yesterday, I'm so glad it's over. But I have Ext. 1 Maths tomorrow. T_T

Here's the opening segment of Music Station (a continuation? Rather prequel) to the video I posted a couple of days ago.

What: Music Station - Opening segment
Who: Tohoshinki [DBSK], BoA, Arashi, Shimasaki Kou, the hosts (one is Tamori), glimpses of AKB48, GLAY, ROCK 'A' TRENCH.
When: 6 March 2009
Size: 99MB (Lucky, if it were over 100mb, I would have had to split it)
Length: 3:55mins
Why I subbed it: It's something else for me to procrastinate do. There's nice interaction with Arashi, BoA and DBSK. And the ad for their new album is at the beginning.


- Sakurai's movie is the live-action of Yatterman, and the song is 'Believe'.
- The B-side to 'Believe' is 'Kumori Nochi, Kaisei' which is under Ohno's character name in his drama 'Uta no Onii-san'.
- Shimasaki Kou is Souma Mitsuko in the controversial film Battle Royale, starring Fujiwara Tatsuya (well known as Yagami Light in Death Note). Apparently she was also in One Missed Call.
- BoA and DBSK are both under the SM Entertainment label in Korea. In Japan, they're under Avex Trax (DBSK is in the subsidiary company RhythmZone)

Comments are welcome. Now I shall go back to studying. Enjoy!

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