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[Index] Archive of my subbed videos

Hah, it's about time I made one.
Firstly, I do videos, striving to subbed Ya Ya Yah episodes and other videos that I like (or those that NTSF request, but I sub some really weird things sometimes...). But don't expect any release dates or anything. I sub by myself, and I still go to school 5 days a week. I really apologise if I've made any inconveniences to you.
Videos are normally hard subbed and have simple karaoke effects (i.e. the syllables change colour) where necessary.
Secondly, a lot of subbing teams have done this already and I do agree with them. ABSOLUTELY NO REDISTRIBUTION ON STREAMING SITES, or selling them for monetary gain. Subbing communities nor I would like to get into trouble if the Japanese community is made aware of this, as fansubbing is illegal. If you're going to redistribute them among friends (like I do), then fine. As long as they don't manage to find their way onto youtube or someother streaming site. Thank you everyone!
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NEWS Group Hug♥

[Index] Archive of lyrics - NEWS and mics.

Okay, just background info and rules. I do NEWS and other related lyrics in English only It seems that I've decided to expand my range, just scroll down for other obscure songs. I use the kanji from the original scans of the singles/albums (all from either boys_paper ornippon_news or news_jpop ) I try to put in all of the original stuff that appears in the scans e.g. if there's an emoticon or symbol there I will try to replicate it. I do space them out a bit though, because I'm trying to neatly fit all kanji, romaji and English translations into one space without it stretching so much. If you do decide to us them, please credit me. Plagarism is bad. If you do find a mistake anywhere for anything, please leave a comment and I'll do what i can. Thank you!
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