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[Video] Ya Ya Yah Parent/Child Quiz subbed + Bonus Shounen Club clip

No, I didn't give up, I just have a life to take care of too.
Another subbed Ya-Ya-Yah with karaoke.

This is dedicated to ivonnemcgruder , as she a) requested it, and b) it was her birthday yesterday (forgive me!!! I'm one day late)

What: Ya Ya Yah Parent/Child Quiz (Show #47)
Who: Ya Ya Yah (Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon, Taiyou), NEWS (Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, Massu, Kusano), J.J.Express (Inoo, Matsumoto), KAT-TUN (concert footage), glimpses of Tackey and Jimmy Mackey
When: 23 November 2003
Size: 295MB (I managed to compress it this time around, or you would have had to download 410MB.)
Length: 19:02mins 
Why I subbed it (Highlights): The boys are split into two teams and have to guess answers to questions in order to gain points (sadly, there's no punishment game attached to it!). Hikaru had a bit of a puberty moment, watch Massu's stance before he answers the question, Shige dobs Koyama in for never cleaning his room, there's something that Koyama's parents want him to stop doing (!), and find out what Yabu wants to do when he grows up.

Not to mention, there's some footage of the Tackey and Johnny's Jr. concert in Thailand, and I did keep Yamapi's message after the CM (so don't skip it). I also kept the opening CM for KFC pumpkin pie (I've never knew it existed until now!)
What's in it:
- Parent/Child Quiz (main event)
- LIVE STAGE (Special concert footage)
      >Harukana Yakusoku - KAT-TUN
      >A bit of Hitomi wo Tojite - KAT-TUN (no lyrics)

Please use HJSplit to join files once the downloads have finished.

MediaFire: .001, .002, .003

What: Shounen Club Junior League Clip - Kame and Nakamaru's impersonations
Who: Koyama, Nakamaru, A.B.C. (Kawai and Goseki)
When: 10 March 2009
Size: 19MB
Length: 1:52mins 
Why I subbed it (Highlights): a request from my friend kk_me , and they really do very good impersonations. (Kawai is fantastic, if you haven't seen his impersonation of MatsuJun, I suggest you go and find it)


If you can provide mirrors, me and the whole community would really appreciate it.

Please enjoy and comments are most welcome~ Now I must get back to watching NEWS 'Koi no ABO' PV again for the 15th time *sweatdrop* And I will wish Yamapi's birthday in a separate post.

Tags: kat-tun, news, performance, shounen club, subbed video, yax3

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