Otatan (mayonaka_otaku) wrote,

Shige on Waratte Iitomo 2010.09.14 + bonus ItteQ clip subbed

Translation: daelite
Timing: yumenostalgic 
Encoding: mayonaka_otaku 
Raw: newskattuneito 

What: Waratte Iitomo
Who: Kato Shigeaki, SMAP's Nakai Masahiro, Tamori
When: 14 September 2010
Size: 300mb
Length: 20:23 minutes
Highlights: Shige guesting on a games segment on Waratte Iitomo to promote the LIVE album. They ask him and a couple of other guests some questions and depending on how they answer determines whether or not the audience gets a prize XD
Shige talks about his first date and has a couple of impersonations in his repertoire :)

Please use HJSplit to joins files once the downloads have finished.
MediaFire: .001; .002; .003
Multiupload: Full Clip

BONUS! Thanks to watashiwachiaki for the raw and subbed by me

What: Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ! clip
Who: Tegoshi Yuya (kinda, you hear his voice), Imouto Ayako
When: 22 August 2010
Size: 7.33mb
Length: 0:56 minutes
Highlights: In this particular ItteQ episode, Imouto is preparing to climb Mt. Everest by first climbing up Mt. Blanc (the highest peak in the Alps). And on the way Tegoshi gives her a phone call :D

Mediafire | Multiupload
Tags: subbed video

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