September 17th, 2010

NEWS Group Hug♥

[Lyrics] NEWS - D.T.F

"D.T.F" is the 11th track on NEWS' 4th album "LIVE". D.T.F stands for "Do The Fool", and when I first heard it I thought that it sounded like a Koyashige song, except all of NEWS is singing it XD
I totally gave on the bridge bits figuring out who sings and when though, it was very frustrating~
NOTE: The coded bits for the lines where more than one member is singing are who *I* think is singing at that time by ear, so it may, and probably is wrong. If you're going to the Livex3 Dome Party, please do tell me who sings what part so I can fix these accordingly :)
Please point out any mistakes, thank you :)

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