June 8th, 2009

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[Index] Archive of my subbed videos

Hah, it's about time I made one.
Firstly, I do videos, striving to subbed Ya Ya Yah episodes and other videos that I like (or those that NTSF request, but I sub some really weird things sometimes...). But don't expect any release dates or anything. I sub by myself, and I still go to school 5 days a week. I really apologise if I've made any inconveniences to you.
Videos are normally hard subbed and have simple karaoke effects (i.e. the syllables change colour) where necessary.
Secondly, a lot of subbing teams have done this already and I do agree with them. ABSOLUTELY NO REDISTRIBUTION ON STREAMING SITES, or selling them for monetary gain. Subbing communities nor I would like to get into trouble if the Japanese community is made aware of this, as fansubbing is illegal. If you're going to redistribute them among friends (like I do), then fine. As long as they don't manage to find their way onto youtube or someother streaming site. Thank you everyone!
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[Video] Ya Ya Yah Area Volleyball Showdown

Measely video index is now up
Hooray! Another release, but I have some bad news. I will be on hiatus for a couple of months so I can get ready for my year 12 trial examinations (CRAP). But don't worry, I won't dissapear yet. In the meantime I'm slowly, slowly working on WaT on Hey!x3 (23 October 2008), and releasing the lyrics to Tegomass's new songs on their upcoming album and single (when I get my hands on the booklet scans with the lyrics, that is). But sadly no Ya Ya Yah for a while. I'm really sorry everyone, subbing takes a lot of time, which I obviously don't have. But 4 koma will still be around~

Ya Ya Yah Area Volleyball Showdown/ Show 89
Who: Ya Ya Yah, NEWS (Shige, Massu, Tegoshi), J.J.Express (Yuuto, Inoo Kei, Arioka Daiki, Yamashita Takumi [cute Jr. but probably left by now])
When: 26 September 2004
Size: 374MB (<---GAH, so sorry, and this was me trying to tweak the setting on VirtualDub to make it a bit smaller! orz)
Length: 19:12 minutes
Highlights: An episode without Koyama is unbelievable! Oh well, the fact the Shige is the referee in this volleyball match is good enough. The boys are split into two teams and try to inflict punishment games on each other depending on where the ball lands on the court. Since when did Johnny's permit violence?! Forget Tegoshi, Massu is equally serious. And who knew that little Yuuto was so diabolical? I didn't bother to try and sub everything that the commentator or Midori (the women who often appears in Ya Ya Ya episodes) said. You're not missing anything important I'm sure. Also I seriously did not know what one of the punishment games was, so I left it in Japanese. And can anybody tell me with happened to Matsumoto Kouhei and Yamashita Takumi? Did they just leave? They were so cute though...

What's in it:
- Area Volleyball Showdown (main event)
      > Stronger without you (J.J. Express)
      > Just wanna lovin' you (Ya Ya Yah)

Please use HJSplit to joins files once the downloads have finished.
MediaFire: .001; .002; .003; .004
MegaUpload: Full Episode (Thank you seige_k  ♥)

My capacity to upload mirrors is zero T_T My apologies.

By the way, did anyone write a comment to zopp-san? And receive a reply. I did, so I'm sure he'll get to everyone soon. Now how to reply in Japanese...