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[Index] Archive of my subbed videos

Hah, it's about time I made one.
Firstly, I do videos, striving to subbed Ya Ya Yah episodes and other videos that I like (or those that NTSF request, but I sub some really weird things sometimes...). But don't expect any release dates or anything. I sub by myself, and I still go to school 5 days a week. I really apologise if I've made any inconveniences to you.
Videos are normally hard subbed and have simple karaoke effects (i.e. the syllables change colour) where necessary.
Secondly, a lot of subbing teams have done this already and I do agree with them. ABSOLUTELY NO REDISTRIBUTION ON STREAMING SITES, or selling them for monetary gain. Subbing communities nor I would like to get into trouble if the Japanese community is made aware of this, as fansubbing is illegal. If you're going to redistribute them among friends (like I do), then fine. As long as they don't manage to find their way onto youtube or someother streaming site. Thank you everyone!

Ya Ya Yah (raws mainly from the wonderful kami-chan)

[2004.12.05] Women's Heart Quiz
[2004.09.26] Area Volleyball Showdown
[2004.09.19] AiQ Outdoors SP
[2004.02.29] Impersonations battle/ Show #59
[2003.11.23] Parent/Child Quiz
Lost 9th episode of Massu and Shoon's AiQ skit ft. Honey's Mama

Music Station

[2009.07.17] BIG BANG w/GARA GARA GO!!
[2009.05.29] Green Day w/KNOW YOUR ENEMY
[2009.05.01] SID w/Uso
[2009.04.24] NEWS w/Koi no ABO
[2009.03.06] Opening segment
[2009.03.06] Tohoshinki - Survivor performance only
[2008.07.18] Aragaki Yui - Make My Day performance only

Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ

[2008.10.27] WaT w/36 degrees
[2007.05.14] Horie Yui (seiyuu/ voice actor)


[2005.08.15] Tegoshi Yuya's What a Wonderful Music ft. Massu as the guest (Radio Show)
[ItteQ!][2010.08.22]Tegoshi phones Imouto
[ItteQ][2010.10.10]Tegoshi Bungee Jumping in Switzerland
[Musi Mania][2009.05.07] NEWS Koi no ABO making of clip
[Shounen Club][2010.09.14]Gekkan Koyamaru
[Shounen Club][2009.10.11]Gekkan Koyamaru
[Shounen Club][2009.03.10] Kame and Maru impersonation cut
[Waratte Iitomo][2010.09.14] Shige LIVE promo
[Waratte Iitomo][2009.04.29] Kato Shigeaki's SEMINAR promo
[Waratte Iitomo][2006] Shige the Archer
Lawson NEWS CM Karaage v2
Promo of MachiMasu - Massu's solo stage show
Tegomass Kiss ~Kaeri Michi no Love Song~ promo clip 
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