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[Video] Koi no ABO making clip + bonus clips

Warning! It is currently a bit low quality, ripped from youtube and converted by news_jpop 

What: Musi Mania - NEWS Koi no ABO making of clip
When: 07 May 2009
Size: 28.4MB
Length: 2:56 minutes
Highlights: I know we all want a 1/2 hour making video, but a making is a making, and there wasn't much text involve. Koyama gives a surprising greeting (Host Club style?), Ryo really is shy on the inside, Yamapi pulls out his trusty paper cups, Shige is tired, Massu messed up (this is unheard of!!) and Tegoshi is giving Koyama grief. Fun stuff. Although I wished they would have screamed 'NEWS HOST CLUB' right near the end. You'll see~ I didn't bother with the lyrics this time, and the unseen woman is just prompting the members about what line is next.



What: Mezamashi TV - Promo of Massu's solo stage show
Who: Masuda Takahisa from NEWS
When: ??? Unknown, but sometime in 2007
Size: 4.86MB (Ripped from youtube, but MQ watchable)
Length: 0:47 mins
Highlights: I'd totally go and watch this. It's looked so entertaining. Basically, Massu is stuck in his dressing room and he tries and find ways to escape. And entertain himself. LOL. Here is more info. Massu text in in yellow and the newscaster's is in green at the top.


What: NEWS Lawson CM Karaage-kun ver2.
When: ??? Unknown
Size: 5.16MB
Length: 0:15 mins
Highlights: It's been done before, but I couldn't tell from the file names on the JE index. VERY good quality video. In short, poor Ryo wants out. And everyone gets a line^^


Enjoy. Again, I'm not going to do Hongo Kanata on Meringue Kimochi, Shimai Fansubs has done it already. So back to Ya Ya Yah for me. I have to slow done a bit as exams are coming my  way again. I don't want a bad result...

Tags: news, subbed video

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