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[Video] Ya Ya Yah Women's Heart Quiz

Sorry it took so long....Was having technical difficulties.
NOTE: I REALLY APOLOGISE FOR SOME OF THE TIMING. For basically half of the video, there was no audio appearing, so I had to do the subs by trial and error, then previewing it with Media Player Classic every couple of lines so that it was reasonably fit for release. I'm really sorry. I didn't translate the CM preview, it's just about the 100th episode shown the following week. And some of the stuff said by the women they interviewed I couldn't really understand. Very sorry.

What: Ya Ya Yah Women's Heart Quiz/ Show 99
Who: Ya Ya Yah, NEWS (Koyama, Massu, Tegoshi, Kusano), J.J.Express (Yuuto, Inoo Kei)
When: 05 December 2004
Size: 359MB
Length: 19:09 minutes
Highlights: An episode without Shige, it's scandelous! Oh well. Do the boys really understand women? Wait and see. Yuuto is the cutest thing ever, pay very close attention to Massu during the question about gestures, and the boys do a lot of very entertaining things. Kusano completely dominated the Live Stage segment. I'm not giving too much away. It's a shame that they asked so many older women about these teenage boys...didn't really feel right...

What's in it:
- Women's Heart Quiz (main event)
- LIVE STAGE (Kusano Hironori only)
      >Hey! Wa - Kinki Kids (Translation taken with permission from kiwimusume at her Jpop Lyrics and Translation page)
      >Akaku Moyuru Taiyou

Please use HJSplit to join files once the downloads have finished.
People have been informing me that part 3 from MF is not working properly, so please download it from MU instead. Thanks!
MediaFire: .001; .002; .003; .004
MegaUpload: .001; .002; .003; .004
MegaUpload: Full Episode (Thanks tosilver881 )

I now need to download another raw, if anyone can suggest another Ya Ya Yah episode to do that would be appreciated.   Done! Next episode is the Area Volleyball Match.
Also does anyone like Hongo Kanata? And is his appearance on Meringue Kimochi subbed? I am willing to do it. So cute.
It looks like Shimai Fansubs has already got there before me, so if you want to see it go there.
I'm taking requests for NEWS and Tegomass lyrics to do in the mean time.

Tags: subbed video, yax3

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